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Your Buying Guide To Choose The Best Spin Bike Reviews

Looking for best spin bike reviews and guides to help you buy the right exercise bike for your workout. Anyone would like to maintain a healthy lifestyle. But at times your workout routine may be boring and starting a new routine can be hard. With life moving at an intense rate, most individual’s rarely get enough time to eat properly or even rest. Therefore engaging in vigorous workouts can effectively change your lifestyle.

Indoor fitness bicycles are some of the equipments that can provide you with effective workouts. An indoor bicycle can provide you with quick results and also help you to heighten various parts of your life including those affecting your mental status. Fitness turns you into a cheerful family person. In this article you will get 3 spin bike reviews that will assist you in purchasing the best workout bicycle to give you a better workout session.

An indoor workout bicycle is a better alternative to the outdoor exercise and workout centers membership. In your house it will be safe, it’s effective and moreover, it will save you the need of movements or some tricky streets you experience with the outdoor bicycle riding sessions. With the bicycle, you will not need to find the best place or the best street to ride it. It provides you with an opportunity to do workouts while inside. With an indoor workout bicycle, you can watch a TV while riding, listen to music and even read a book while cycling at a constant rate. Your workout pace is what will enable you to burn calories.

spin bike reviews

The three indoor bikes are schwinn IC2 indoor cycling bike, Bladez fusion GS indoor cycle and Sunny health and fitness indoor cycling bike.

1. Sunny health and fitness indoor bicycle

Sunny Health and Fitness Indoor-Cycling-BikeWith sunny health and fitness indoor cycling bike you will always maintain your fitness routine on the right track. Working out will be easy either on a rainy day, a cold weather or a sunny day. The bike features a heavy flywheel which is 44 pounds and a strong chain drive mechanism.

With the workout machine inside your house you will watch your favorite program on TV or even watch a movie during a workout session. Other features of the bike include a heavy duty steel frame and heavy duty crank, transportation wheels and an adjustable resistance knob. The transportation wheels enable you to easily store the bicycle between workout sessions. The seat and handlebars are also adjustable.

The fully adjustable seat and handlebars makes the bike adapt to your specific body shape and therefore maintain comfortable workouts and reduce any probability of injury occurrence for both tall and short individuals.

Even if the bike features a chain drive system, which has a reputation of being noisier than the belt drive counterparts, the bike never produce any noise while riding. If you like listening to music or watching a movie while working out, you will not realize any clicking noise from the chain.

The bike features wide pedals equipped with toe straps, which will fit to any shoe size. The heavy flywheel is also an impressive feature as it makes your workouts smoother and also more challenging. No matter how fast you pedal the bike will maintain its steadiness.

About the company

Sunny health and fitness have been a leading figure in the sports industry for over 10 years. In case of any mishap, the company is always ready to offer after sale services. In addition, the company specializes in affordable and durable exercise equipments like spinning bikes.

Features of the indoor bike

  • With the bike, working out in the comfort of your home is possible
  • The product has an additional stylish color which adds unique allure to the product
  • The heavy duty 44 pounds flywheel and the chain drive mechanisms enhances quite and smooth workouts
  • The product also features a heavy duty steel frame and crank
  • The bike has an adjustable resistance knob which makes it efficient for any person
  • Its transportation wheels enhances its portability
  • Has fully adjustable handlebars and seat
  • The assembly dimensions are 46.50”L x20.50” W x47.50”H
  • The model number: SF-B1110


  • Have no battery
  • Have no multi pack indicator
  • Its model number is SF-B1110
  • Its shipping weight is 102 pounds
  • Its assembly dimensions are 46.50”L x20.50” W x47.50”H
  • Made of steel and metal
  • Maximum capacity of 44 pounds

Assembly and parts

For you to use the bike you need to do some assembly, although it’s an easy task. On average, it will only take you half an hour to complete the assembly and a more experienced user will need lesser time. The package consists of various parts and some tools like allen keys, wrenches and similar items.

In the package, you will also get a partially assembled frame which makes the assembly work easier for beginners. To start your workouts you only need to assemble the saddle, the flywheel and the handlebars alongside other few minor parts.


Some reviewers indicate that the bike assembly was problematic to them as they lacked an assembly manual. However, the after sale teams easily handle the problem. Most athletes may also regret due to the lack of a cup holder and a wide screen LCD comfort.

Final word

The bike is good for anyone on a limited budget. When compared to other models, it is surprisingly affordable. It compensates the lack of many amenities by providing its users with many desirable features. For example, it’s strong frame and the heavy flywheel. You can purchase it from an online store and its frame has a 1 year warranty while the other parts have a 90 days warranty.

2. Schwinn indoor cycling bike

Schwinn IC2 Indoor-Cycling-BikeWith this cycling bike, you will be able to maintain your body fitness. The bike gives you an experience of being on a road while in a room. The bike features a 40 pound flywheel with a very heavy inertia gearing which gives you a hard workout. Schwinn indoor cycling bike has customizable fit, sleek racing bike geometry and other true cycling components. Its oversize steel tubing facilitates a stable and hardy ride even at the highest level workouts.

It also features easy to use seat and handlebars adjustments which help you in identifying the best comfort setting. Further it has a pin that you can easily and quickly thread to secure the hold. The LCD screen displays your workout time, RPM, the distance you have covered, speed and the amount of calories you have burned. With the schwinn indoor cycling bike, your workout will remain in the right track.

Features and specifications

  • Schwinn indoor cycling bike has a 40 pounds flywheel which also features a high inertia gearing
  • To ensure a sturdy and stable ride, it features oversized steel tubing
  • Cycling is comfortable due to the fully adjustable saddle
  • The bike features a non-standard chain drive system
  • It has an LCD screen which will indicate the workout time, the RPM, the distance you have covered and the level of calories you have already burned
  • It has felt pad resistance


  • Contains no battery
  • It features gray as the primary color
  • Has no multi pack indicator
  • The bike model number is 1C2
  • Its shipping weight is 101 pounds
  • Its dimensions are 58”L x 25”W x50”H
  • Its walmart number is 000980277
  • The product frame has a warranty of 5 years; the parts have a 1 year warranty.

Its use

The indoor bicycle provides no difficulty in assembling. Further, you can easily set it to configure with your comfort levels and conforming heights. Its LCD monitor cautions you if you try to workout very hard and it also gives you the RPM (revolutions per minute), the separation rate and the number of calories you have burned.

Who should buy the bike?

The indoor cycling bicycle is suitable for any person that would like to maintain healthy lifestyle. Proficient cyclists that like maintain the right shape for competitions are among the people who enjoy riding the bike. Adults, who have weight issues and beginner cyclists, should also find the bicycle useful in their workouts. Most individuals have been using it as a part of their healing facilities throughout the world. It is highly common in exercise centers and club settings.

Schwinn indoor cycling bicycle is among the best things that you will ever purchase. It has a strong frame. The manufacturer makes it with high quality material that will never rust or even wear down.

What are the downsides?

A number of clients have complained in their reviews about the bikes limit weight of 250 pounds.

Final word

Most customers, who have purchased the item, have given it a high rating. To many of them the product has been a success.

3. Bladez fusion GS indoor cycle

Bladez Fusion GS Indoor CycleThis is a full featured indoor cycle which features a 40 pound heavy weight flywheel which gives you a better feeling and a consistent momentum. Furthermore, it has full up/down and fore/aft adjustability for both the handlebars and the seat. Its oversize frame can accommodate users of various sizes. Most individuals like it due to the water bottle holder mounted at the handlebar and its easier to read LCD monitor that display motivation feedback to make you remain focused throughout the workout session.

The producer

Bladez Fitness is an international fitness brand with a European parent company that has been creating quality products for more than 100 years. The company focuses on producing high quality fitness equipments to use at home and in light commercial settings. The company also produces strength equipments and body vibration platforms. The company sells its products in more than 65 countries in the world.

Features and specifications

  • Has a 40 pounds Heavyweight ultra smooth flywheel which gives you a natural feel and provides you with a consistent momentum.
  • It has a strong and stable oversized steel frame
  • Further, it has an adjustable emergency brake with a top down resistance
  • It features a racing style handlebar with fore/aft and up/down adjustments
  • The up/down and fore/aft adjustable seat provides you with a comfort fit while riding.
  • It has sport pedals which feature toe baskets to provide you with a secure platform that facilitates attainment of maximum workouts efficiency of pull and push motion
  • The LCD console provides you with motivational feed backs while in a workout session
  • Its has an ergonomically designed saddle to enhance comfort and long workouts
  • It also features a commodious water bottle holder and therefore you will remain hydrated during a workout
  • It features transportation wheels which facilitate its transport to enhance easier storage between workouts

Who should use the bike?

The Bladez fitness master GS indoor cycle bike is good for any person looking to bring the real gym experience into the convenience and comfort of their homes. The workout bicycle has belt drive that does not produce any sound. The heavy weight flywheel makes every workout session effective. Further the adjustability features assist you to remain comfortable throughout a workout session.


  • You will easily monitor your workout session through the LCD console
  • The 40 pounds flywheel makes your workout session worthwhile
  • You can easily move it with use of the transportation wheels
  • it features a water bottle holder to keep you hydrated
  • Its strong and stable and therefore durable

Final word

Most customers enjoy the many products features and have therefore given it a high rating in their reviews.

spin bike reviews


Anyone can benefit from a workout bike as fitness gyms can be a pain at times. They can be loud, busy and at other times out of control. In addition, setting aside some time to workout in the gym can also be hard and especially after having a long day at work. The best thing about spin bike reviews is that you can have the best workout class you ever experienced in a gym at your comfort and the convenience in your home, place and time..

To attain the gym class experience, you can purchase some workout DVDs and play them while you exercise on the bike. The workout programs come in varying difficulties suitable for beginners, intermediaries and advanced bicycle riders. With a workout video, you will break any bad riding habit and get the most from your workouts. The above bikes will give you what you have been looking for in terms of quality and durability. You can the one you like for your workout.

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